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A Women's World: Through Coloured Lenses - Part One

Hello friends, I wanted to share with you the first installment of my personal project for my Instagram and this blog called "A Women's World: Through Coloured Lenses." For this personal project I am adapting major themes from interviews with those who identify as Women of Colour into easily digestable Instagram posts which can be shared and used to create dialogue.

For the first installment of my project I had the pleasure of speaking with Iman, a young Bangladeshi woman living in the United States (@alilbitofaith on Instagram). Here are some major themes I've adapted from our very interesting information about cultural identity and discrimination.

"One thing I don't hear about a lot is how with other Indian girls I was seen as not Indian enough or not Bangladeshi enough...I'm starting to learn now that that doesn't make me any less Bangladeshi than anyone else."

"Sometimes I felt to be more discriminated against by other Desi people than non POC because I didn't fit the stereotype of what they expected me to be..."

"I find often that people will explain my culture to me...when people don't know me they assume a certain type of brown person, then as they get to know me they don't see me as brown at all because of how I act and talk..."

"It's important to realize and recognize that there are so many types of WOC and ways to be a Desi person - even if you don't fit the stereotype."

"What you see is not always what is all that's there..."

"I'm starting to realize that I have to decide for myself, it's not how everyone else will see me as a WOC, it's how I see myself: as a Bangladeshi woman. No matter how much or how little I relate to those parts of my identity, they are still parts of my identity."

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