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My Journey to a Non Traditional Way of Business and Creating Content

Hi there, my names Chanelle and some of you may know me as Life of a Lotus. For those of you who have been here since the beginning, you'll know I once had the name Dreamt Up Designs and was running my small craft business. When I was running my small business (Etsy shop) I was very unexpressive, very rigid in my structure, and very scared to be myself on my page. Fast forward to a year and a half where I've turned that small business into a content page where I can share, heal, laugh and grow amongst this community. Today I'd like to share a little bit about my journey doing that.

When I first started creating content in September 2020, it was new and uncharted territory for me and I figured that to gain sales, followers and be likable, one had to be unbiased in all issues. I showed very little of my true personality. Fast forward to March 2021 when I joined an amazing organization called the On Canada Project. My work on this project was pivotal in me navigating my identity and reconnecting with who I am.

I learned so much working on the On Canada Project. I learned that when we remain unbiased, we uphold the status quo and dominant discourses of society which do not serve us. I learned that it is only when we can bring our fullest selves to the table in the work that we do is when we thrive and reach our full potential. And that is just what I did with Life of a Lotus, I made it an expression of my fullest self.

Life of a Lotus is two journeys for me: a journey of healing from mental health issues and intergenerational trauma, and a journey of reconnecting with one's culture and identity. This is a journey where I'm now not afraid to show my personality, to stand up for what I believe in and to show my true colours and it is a journey I hope you will join me for here and on Instagram at @lifeofalotus___.

P.S. Shameless plug but check out the @oncanadaproject and the amazing work they are doing!

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